Three separate paths with a shared vision of future possibilities.

Isaac Bower, Jack Dotzler and Alexis Spier each went into the prestigious Tyson summer internship program with different goals.

Bower and Dotzler, both business administration majors, and Spier, a mass communication major, did manage to find one thing in common. It was a passion in summer opportunities that exceeded their expectations.

DotzlerSummerTyson2Jack Dotzler assisted with marketing projects at Siouxland Mental Health.“Honestly, I think I found out what my career can look like,” Dotzler said of his marketing position with Siouxland Mental Health where he developed promotions for several key dates, created a company survey and helped update the company web site among his projects. “It was awesome working one-on-one with my supervisor on tasks, but I think a team setting is what I’ll strive for.”

“I’d encourage anyone to take the chance to do this,” he added. “You can’t substitute the amount of hands-on experience you can get. I’ve learned so much in this setting which will go towards what I want to do in the future.”

Isaac Bower spent his summer at Sioux City’s Launch Pad experience for youth.
Bower, who aided experiential learning with Siouxland area children as well as building exhibits and assisting with budgets and non-profit work at The Launch Pad, was right in his wheelhouse, too.

“Having been on the mission trips with the football program where I’ve done something similar, I really enjoy this type of work,” he said. “Working with children gives you great energy, as they are always excited to be here. I want to be in a position where I can give back to the community, and I’m seeing that first-hand.”

Spier worked with the downtown Farmers Market and other events through the local Buy Fresh, Buy Local non-profit food group. “This is exactly what I needed for an internship requirement for a mass communication internship I needed to do,” she noted. “Marketing for this group has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.”

“It makes me appreciate the potential for being your own boss career-wise,” she added. “These farmers control every part of their business from the get-go. It’s neat to see that and how that leads to success at these events in marketing and sales.”

The Tyson Foods Summer Community Internship Program at Morningside University is possible through the generosity of Tyson Foods. It provides full-time college students an eight-week paid summer internship to assist community organizations while gaining experience with diverse social issues.