Students, Faculty, and Staff –

Thank you. Each member of this campus community has navigated a great many changes in a compressed amount of time. None of this has been easy, and so much of it is wrapped in complex emotion. Please continue to be kind to yourselves during this time. Your health and wellness should come ahead of all else.

A few updates and reminders as we begin the week:

  1. Classes: We are officially beginning our second week of online classes. There have certainly been highs and lows throughout this transition. Please keep in touch with faculty and staff to let them know how things are going and make them aware of any issues you may be experiencing.
  2. Food Service & Residence Halls: Dining and residence halls remain open. Please visit the COVID-19 page for details. Residence halls will close at noon on April 8. If you have not scheduled a move-out time, please visit this website to sign up for a checkout time and more information.
  3. Stay Healthy: Maintain excellent hygiene and physical distancing. Stay home if you are able. Eat well and get plenty of rest.
  4. Stay #MsideStrong: Underclassmen…Morningside isn’t going anywhere. Fall and better times lie just ahead. Use this time to get things in order and get registered for fall semester. Seniors…we are so excited to celebrate your Morningside experience and the start of your next chapter at our new commencement date on Aug. 8. To all of you…finish this semester strong in anticipation of all the good that lies ahead.

We will continue to provide campus-wide communication at least once or twice a week to keep you informed of major changes, as well as to offer relevant information and resources.

Have a great week!

Be well,

John Reynders


Morningside College