Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff –

The global health crisis surrounding COVID-19 has plunged our world into a time of great uncertainty. As I write this, we face many unknowns. Our world has been dramatically altered in a very short time, and Morningside is working hard to rise to the challenges of these changes.

When I announced my retirement in February, I shared that a key factor in my decision was that the timing was right for Morningside. While I firmly believe that Morningside will emerge from this crisis successfully, I also know there will be an immense challenge in doing so.

Our Morningside College Board of Directors convened the Executive Committee this past weekend to discuss the various actions Morningside is taking in response to this emerging crisis. At the conclusion of that meeting, Chairman Craig Struve asked if I would consider staying on as president for an additional year to assist Morningside through these unprecedented times. After careful consideration and discussion with Robin, we have agreed to stay on. As a result, the Morningside Presidential Search Process will be suspended for one year.

My wife Robin and I love Morningside as we have loved no other place. While we certainly look forward to our next chapter, we aren’t at all sorry that we get to spend another year as part of a community that means so much to us – especially if that additional time will once again put Morningside in the best position possible for its next leader.

My sincere thanks to the entire Morningside College Board of Directors, Chairman Craig Struve for his leadership, and all of Morningside for the opportunity to carry on in service to this campus. The Morningside community is unlike any other, and I am honored to be part of it.

John Reynders


Morningside College