This week, the residence halls and dining service will close on April 8 except for a small group of on-campus students who have worked with us to remain on campus. Thank you to everyone for keeping the lines of communication open and working with us to make this process run smoothly, as well as for your patience as we plan for credits/refunds, etc. We will be sharing that information soon. You can also watch for updates via our COVID-19 page.

Easter Break is also this week. It is my hope you will prioritize rest during this time. Each of us has experienced much change and uncertainty in the last few weeks. Our bodies, minds, and hearts have been put to the test. Use the break as an opportunity to restore yourself.

As you prepare for this time of rest and renewal, Morningside College Counselor Bobbi Meister shared with me some excellent words on resilience. Resilience is how we bounce back from times of crisis and adversity. You can hear from here in this video, as well as read some of her suggestions below.

Tips to Build Your Resilience

  • Accept Negative Emotions: Be mindful of your emotions. Sit with them without judgment. Know that these will pass because emotions are impermanent. If you avoid negative emotions, they will become stronger and last longer.
  • Daily Self-Care: Exercise, eat healthy, and socialize to maintain good mental health.
  • Practice Finding Gratitude: Reframe your thoughts from “I have to” to “I get to;” Strengthen bonds with family and friends.
  • Reflect on Your Life: Pay attention to your life, behaviors, and beliefs. Are you happy with them? If so – how can you continue to strengthen them? If not – how can you change them?

Take care,

Terri A. Curry
Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment