A strong endowment is a key indicator of the quality and financial strength of an organization.  Morningside College’s current endowment totals $46 million.  Our goal is to continue to grow the endowment – for scholarships, applied learning opportunities, research fellowships, programs, professorships, and chairs – to enhance the resources necessary to support Morningside’s mission and vision.  When you establish an endowment fund, you create a permanent legacy of support for Morningside.

Named Endowed Scholarship

Establishing an endowed named scholarship is one way to make a lasting legacy in the life of Morningside College's future and students. The minimum amount required to establish an endowed scholarship is $25,000. Once this fund has been established, additional gifts may be contributed by anyone at any time.

For more information and assistance in establishing an endowed scholarship at Morningside College, please contact the Institutional Advancement Office at (800) 831-0806 ext. 5424 or (712) 274-5424.

Dr. Esther M. Mackintosh ’69 Endowed Humanities Scholar of the College

The humanities are the heart of a well-rounded education.  Morningside College is committed to providing a strong liberal arts education focused on building skills like respectful listening and deliberation, and the ability to analyze, communicate and write clearly and effectively.  The Dr. Esther M. Mackintosh ’69 Endowed Humanities Scholar of the College is an endowed professorship that will create a new vision for the relevance of the humanities in the 21st century and emphasize experiential learning.  The goal is to engage in interdisciplinary research that relates to big issues and real-world problems.

As a part of Morningside’s commitment to the humanities, you can help my making a gift today in support of this endowed professorship.

To learn more about Esther Mackintosh, click here.

Dr. Esther M. Mackintosh ’69 is president of the Federation of State Humanities Councils, the membership association of the 56 state and territorial humanities councils. The Federation supports the work of the councils and strives to create greater awareness of the value of the humanities in public and private life. Mackintosh joined the staff of the Federation in 1986 and has served as president since 2004.

She received her BA in English from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1969, and has served as a member of its Board of Directors since 2010. She has a doctorate in American literature from Kansas State University. Mackintosh is an advocate for liberal arts education, the humanities, and Morningside College.

Securing America’s Future: The Power of a Liberal Arts Education

"The education I received at Morningside College gave me a way of seeing the world that I wouldn’t have had without a foundation in the liberal arts. I grew up on a farm near a very tiny town and attended a small high school. While I received a good educational foundation, what I didn’t get was strong encouragement to think critically and independently."

"This changed significantly when I arrived at Morningside, where the faculty challenged me from the beginning. ‘What do you think?’ was a question put to me regularly, and while it was initially unnerving, it shook me out of some comfortable patterns. Morningside was, in the most positive sense, like living in a small town. I couldn’t be invisible, and there was no place to hide. Professors always took notice and knew when I wasn’t challenging myself."

"Learning about cultures and traditions that were new to me was a hallmark of my college education. Without my experience at Morningside, I’m sure I wouldn’t have dared to venture as far afield as I have over the course of my career. I lived and worked for two years in Saudi Arabia, for example, where my friends and colleagues came from Great Britain, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and Somalia, among other countries. I would not have been able to embrace this experience as fully, I’m convinced, without my Morningside education."

"The interaction with professors that was possible for me at a liberal arts college like Morningside also helped advance my thinking and modeled for me a way of dealing with others in a professional situation. In my current position as a nonprofit executive, I still draw on specifics of these exchanges and relationships. This has helped me professionally and personally throughout my career."