Capital Projects

Ag photo of Tom Paulsen with students in a corn field

The Regina Roth Applied Agricultural & Food Studies program is one of Morningside's newest and fastest-growing majors. To meet the demands of business and industry in the region, and offer the best educational experience possible for students, Morningside seeks to construct a campus greenhouse, as well as an outdoor classroom and test plot area. To achieve this, the existing Longfellow Elementary School Building was demolished, and these structures will take its place.

Campus Greenhouse

Morningside is building a 3,300 square-foot greenhouse on the 2.5-acre site of the current Longfellow Elementary school located on campus. The greenhouse would provide laboratory and teaching space for students in the several curricular areas of the AAFS program. The location would become an experiential learning showpiece while at the same time beautifying the southwest corner of campus.

The 110’ x 30’ greenhouse includes

  • a headhouse (preparation and storage area)
  • aquaponics room (fish and other aquatic production)
  • grow tower/leafy greens room (production of food quality greens)
  • two production house rooms capable of producing crops with two separate climate requirements

Outdoor Classroom/Test Plot Area

The 2.5-acre site will provide space for outdoor, agricultural production, research, and demonstration classrooms that would further enhance agricultural courses provided in AAFS/AGED curricula.

Specifically, this area will offer much-needed space for the following:

  • agronomic research plots
  • precision agricultural research plots
  • additional in-ground garden demonstration and production plots for crops requiring larger space (sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, melons, etc.)
  • tree and shrub nursery (for campus grounds)
  • an edible forest plot (tree nuts)
  • orchard
  • edible landscapes
  • vineyard
  • apiary
  • other outdoor ag and environmental science-related demonstration gardens and plots

Give to the Ag & Food Studies Project Today

Individuals interested in supporting this project are encouraged to contact the Morningside University Office of Institutional Advancement. You are also invited to see the proposal for the Ag Center.