Catalyst Collective

Every summer for two weeks, Morningside becomes home to some of the most gifted and brightest students in the midwest. High schoolers and Middle schoolers convene on our campus to take classes, learn from professionals, and create what Heath Weber has termed “camaraderie and likemindedness” with their camp people.

Catalyst Collective is a camp where young people come together and support one another, as well as grow into who they are and what they love. It is about pushing each other outside of their comfort zones in order to experience new ideas and cultivate new passions. Campers are offered the chance to stay on our campus as they discover themselves and, at the end of the two weeks, they perform in a Catalyst Collective Show.

Heath Weber, dean for visual and performing arts at Morningside University, as well as many other members of faculty, staff, and Morningside students, work to make this event possible each summer. Catalyst Collective could be your opportunity to thrive with previous classes offered in areas such as:

  • Vocal Music
  • Dance (including hip hop, lyrical, and others)
  • Physiology
  • Nursing
  • Forensics
  • Psychology
  • And many other options differing each year

catalyst collective performance catalyst collective