The Morningside University Franklin Leadership Foundation is a social non-profit platform that focuses on student career and leadership development by partnering with global businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders to help develop the next generation of future leaders through scholarships, mentorships, internships, and externships.

About Cleo FranklinCleo Franklin

Cleophus (Cleo) P. Franklin Jr. graduated from Morningside University in 1981. He is the founder of the Morningside University Franklin Leadership Foundation and a member of the Morningside University Board of Directors. Franklin is a retired award-winning agriculture global business executive. He is now a  Houston-based entrepreneur and a University of Houston-Downtown Adjunct Professor. He is also the author of two leadership and professional development books Coffee with Cleo and Lessons from our Mothers and Fathers. He is also the founder of Franklin Strategic Solutions and received his MBA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Kenan Flager Business School. Franklin is a passionate supporter of preparing the next generation to become future inspirational leaders, and you can find out more at