“I was born and raised in the Sioux Falls area. Growing up, my life was deeply intertwined with music, a passion that’s been nurtured by my family through and through. My mom even claims I could sing before I talked. My dad is a teacher who moonlights as a drummer in a band, my mom works from home in the finance industry, and my sister who lives in Scotland shares my love for singing.

Throughout school, I was deeply involved in music and performing arts. I participated in band, drumline, color guard, and especially show choir and musical theater. The highlight of my high school years was making the All-State Choir all four years, a testament to my absolute dedication to choir. My love for musical theater blossomed in middle school, and being a part of it in high school felt like stepping into a dream I didn’t want to wake up from. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I realized this dream could be a reality.

A chance interaction with Heath Weber, a family friend, led me to consider and ultimately choose Morningside. I was initially leaning toward another school, but a lengthy conversation with Heath after a show choir session opened my eyes to the opportunities at Morningside. Visiting the campus only sealed the deal. I fell in love with the community and immediately hit it off with Shannon Salyards-Burton and Dr. Person.

My time at Morningside has been nothing short of magical. I’ve found a community within the Morningside Choir that epitomizes support and love, bolstering my confidence and sense of belonging. The faculty and students have made my college experience enriching and enjoyable, reinforcing my love for piano and music more than I could have imagined. Even as I look forward to reuniting with my sister during breaks, part of me just doesn’t want to leave the nurturing environment I have found here even for a short time.

Looking toward the future, I envision pursuing a master’s degree on the east coast, focusing on operatic performance rather than education. I’m committed to following my dreams of performing and creating music. My Catholic upbringing has grounded me in faith, which has blossomed into an integral part of my identity and my path forward, surrounded by people who share these values. It’s in this spirit of community and support that I believe opportunities in music, whether in performance or love for the art, will continue to present themselves at Morningside. For anyone passionate about music or considering it as a major, know that the path doesn’t always need to be clear from the start. Opportunities will come, especially at a place like Morningside where the future isn’t something to worry about, but something to look forward to with excitement and hope.”

– Nora Dahle, aspiring pop icon and dedicated music student