“Going into my sophomore year, we had Bible Studies that were led by some of the football players. That is how the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) got started. I started questioning myself about why I am truly playing football? Why am I going into education? So, coming into this year, FCA has really opened up doors, not only for me but students, especially freshmen. There is a mix of people who participate: football players, volleyball players, basketball players, swimmers, choir members, and non-athletes. It’s opened up doors to asking themselves questions like, what is my purpose?

I’m a junior studying elementary and special education. I came to Morningside to play football but when I looked into the Education Department, I started making goals to become a teacher and lead a classroom. Right away, I felt at home when I came on my visit.

In my freshman year, I found myself overwhelmed and stressed out with having to go to practice and then having to plan my classwork. My professors and coaches have all played a huge part in my success here academically and athletically. They’ve pushed me into becoming a better version of myself. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without their support. They saw something in me that I didn’t, so a lot of credit goes to them.

An important part of being a teacher is understanding that every student comes from a different background. I come from a divorced family, but I see it as a blessing because of the support that my teachers in the past have given me. They’ve shown me what it means to create a safe environment for all students. That has inspired me to continue on this journey of becoming a teacher.”

  • KJ Williams, a junior football player hoping to make an impact on the next generation of students