“I chose Morningside because I wanted to be close to home. I am really close with my brother and my grandparents and I wanted to be around in case they needed anything. Ultimately when I visited campus, I fell in love with the people and how it felt like home. I didn’t have the same feeling with the other schools that I visited.
I am a double major in psychology for counseling and developmental psychology and earning my coaching endorsement. Once I moved onto campus, I was introduced to Woo Crew (Welcome and Orientation Organizers). I had an awesome leader who I ended up becoming good friends with. She inspired me to be a part of Woo Crew at the start of my Sophomore year.
Since so many students on campus are in sports, they find their people through that, but I found my family through Woo Crew. After Woo Crew, I felt like I could open up to more people. I’ve truly met some of the greatest people on campus and I can count on any of them to help me with anything I need. I also joined the Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA) and am the President of the group and recently joined Psi Chi. I also intern in the Krone Center.
For my internship, I worked at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School with the school counselors. I have always found joy and fulfillment in helping people so working there was perfect. I struggled when I was younger because I come from a split household and had some very close people pass away right before I came to Morningside. I want to be able to help those who go through similar circumstances, persevere and find resilience.
Some advice I would give to incoming students is to immerse yourself in uncomfortable situations. That is what is going to make you a better person and help you meet new people. You might have to get uncomfortable to find comfort. I don’t think you have to be an athlete or in a sport to find yourself and find your group of people.”
-Caitlyn Evans, a 3rd year student passionate about helping people find their people