“Graphic design is one of those things that I can just do for hours on end and never get tired of it, so it’s really one of my biggest passions.
I’m double-majoring in graphic design and history, and I have a minor in studio art. I’ve never been a history person until I started school here and found out that I really, really love history. I originally started as just a graphic design major. I took a history class and found out that I really liked it. Now, I’m trying to figure out a way to kind of bring those two things together.
I was born in Ohio and lived in Illinois for a long time, but I also spent nine years in Estonia, where my mom’s family is from. My mom, Anni Moore, is a professor here at Morningside who teaches microbiology and genetics. Everyone knows Anni.
I work in the Krone Center, doing graphic design stuff, and I also helped out with the Kiosk last year as an assistant art editor. I designed the Sioux City Garden Club logo and the new Spoonholder logo. I love creating logos and especially like the creative problem-solving side of it. It’s just really in line with how my brain works. I love being creative as part of my job.
Right now I’m looking at archival studies when I finish up here at schools in England or Austria. England because I speak the language and it’s easier for me to go to school. Austria because they have a grad program that specifically mentions one of the things that I’m interested in. I know I’d like to end up in Europe sooner rather than later.”
-Miriam Moore, contributing to the art on campus and looking to create more overseas