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Busy nurses like you need a post-baccalaureate program to fit your schedule and budget. At Morningside University’s Nylen School of Nursing, we understand that value can be measured in multiple ways. The rigorous coursework and personal attention from faculty will prepare you for success, and with competitive tuition pricing you’ll be able to afford an experience that will best further your nursing career.



this year’s MSN tuition per credit


this year’s DNP tuition per credit


Textbook and/or technology learning resource cost estimates are not listed. Many textbooks are used throughout the nursing curriculum. Nursing textbooks/technology learning resources usually average $600-800 per semester.

Additional Fees are below

  • Graduate Nursing application fee $65.00
  • Required background check $45.00
  • Professional liability insurance $16.00
  • Immunization tracking services $25

  • NURS 524 class fee $150.00
  • NURS 530 class fee $50.00
  • DNP Practicum course fee $150.00
  • HIPAA training – annually $15.00
  • OSHA training – annually $15.00
  • MSN-NP students only – monthly fee for online documentation service while enrolled in practicum courses $7.00

  • Any clinical site-specific requirements (e.g. drug testing) at the student’s expense
  • Graduation fee $150.00
  • Transcript fee $10.00 (Express mail $50.00)

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