Admissions Counselors

Meet our admissions counselors

Our admissions counselors look forward to working with you and helping you connect with our faculty, staff, alumni and current students. We encourage you to connect with your admissions counselor. All of our counselors are listed below along with their contact information.

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Allison Kjar

(712) 274-5440
Admissions Counselor

As a very recent graduate, I can truly say attending Morningside College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love working with students throughout their college search process, in hopes of one day having them say the same about Morningside.


Amy Williams-Malenosky

(712) 274-5552
Amy Williams
Senior Associate Director of Admissions

I love that I called Morningside home as a student and have been blessed to call it home for more than 15 years as an employee. The changes that have happened on campus are truly unbelievable, but it is definitely the people that set this place apart from the rest! I truly enjoy working with prospective students and their families as they go through the college selection process.


Elizabeth Chilton

(712) 274-5571
Assistant Director of Admissions

My favorite part of my job is getting to know students before they begin their college careers & then getting to watch them succeed at Morningside!


Jennifer Stoebner

(712) 274-5006
Admissions Counselor Part-Time

My job gives me the opportunity to connect with and learn about new people everyday! Helping a student through the college selection process is so fun and rewarding - college truly is one of the best times of your life.


Renee Lund

(712) 274-5426
Admissions Counselor

Throughout my four years as a student, I had an amazing experience and truly felt that Morningside was the right fit for me. Now, I enjoy helping students find their right fit during their college search.


Tasha Goodvin

(712) 274-5449
Admissions Counselor

I had such an amazing experience during my time at Morningside College as a student. I love getting to share Morningside College with future students so they can have the same great experience and call it home as well!


Elizabeth Pyburn

(712) 274-5240
Admissions Counselor

My favorite part of my job is introducing students to Morningside College. Morningside has so much to offer students, not only as a school, but as a life-long support system. Hometown: Sioux City, IA


Steven Ricke

(712) 274-5308
Admissions Counselor

I like that I am able to meet with students and get to learn about their passions and goals, and then I do whatever I can to help them accomplish their goals!


Brooke Daane

(712) 274-5325
Admissions Counselor

I love being able to connect with high school students and guide them through such an important decision. Leaving high school and home behind to start off for college can be scary and I love that I get the opportunity to help students through all of that and get them excited about becoming more independent!


Nathan Hettinger

(712) 274-5432|5218
Admissions Counselor

My time as a student at Morningside gave me the opportunity to travel the world and continue in my field. I'm excited to help students find a home at Morningside and take the next important step in their lives!


Brooke Lyman

(712) 274-5569
Admissions Counselor Temporary

I am the admissions office utility player! You can find me at college fairs and on high school visits meeting with students on their own turf. I can also be found assisting Admissions Counselors in their efforts.