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Looking to be a leader in the development of engaging curriculum and meaningful, 21st century learning environments for middle school learners? A MAT in middle level education may be of interest to you.

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  • Middle school teachers looking to enhance their practice and advance their opportunities.
  • People who want to lead in their field.
  • Highly collaborative, engaging people.


Orientation to graduate education programs and readiness for online learning to be completed during the student’s first semester of enrollment. Expectations related to scholarly writing skills are introduced.

Overview of approaches to educational research and pertinent educational theoretical frameworks. Students will examine the role of action research in their practice.

Identify and review scholarly literature, critically evaluate research, and develop skills to write an effective literature review related to topics in middle level education.

Students examine the systematic design feature of action research, with a focus on selecting effective data tools and creating an implementation plan for a research project.

Students examine evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of action research data, as well as designing strategies for instructional adjustment and re-evaluation.

Using foundational methods of design and analysis, students conduct action research related to middle level education. A capstone research project, including a review of literature, a systematic inquiry of a research problem, implementation of an intervention, analysis and interpretation of data, and reflection for instructional adjustment.

Expands the use of technology tools in teaching situations and includes an action inquiry project using a technology-infused solution. Discusses issues related to technology and its use in schools.

Examination of socio-cultural concerns and ethics related to educational foundations with emphasis on contemporary issues influencing curriculum, pedagogy, inclusion, human relations, educational policy, and social justice.

  • EDUC 765 (3 cr): Literacy for Grades 5-8
  • EDUC 816 (2 cr): Growth and Development of the Middle Level Student
  • EDUC 817 (3 cr): Middle School Curriculum and Methods
  • EDUC 853 (2 cr): STEM Earth & Space Science for the Educator
  • EDUC 854 (2 cr): STEM Physics for the Educator
  • EDUC 855 (2 cr): STEM Chemistry for the Educator
  • EDUC 856 (2 cr): STEM Number Theory for the Educator
  • EDUC 857 (2 cr): STEM Statistics for the Educator
  • EDUC 858 (2 cr): Geometry for the Educator (STEM)
  • EDUC 859 (2 cr): STEM Computer Programming for the Educator
  • EDUC 860 (2 cr): Algebra for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 861 (2 cr): Grammar for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 862 (2 cr): World History for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 863 (2 cr): Geography for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 864 (2 cr): Physical Science for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 865 (2 cr): American History for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 866 (2 cr): Life Science for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 867 (2 cr): American Government for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 868 (2 cr): Earth Science for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 869 (2 cr): Speech for the Middle School Teacher
  • EDUC 870 (3 cr): Adolescent Literature
  • EDUC 871 (2 cr): Basic Math and Measurement
  • ENGL 478G (3 cr): Literature Across Cultures


Additional Program Details

About MAT: Middle-Level Education

  • Gain a breadth of knowledge, learning how to more effectively work with middle-level students.
  • Expand your opportunities for advancing your work in middle school education while enhancing your skills in areas such as literacy; growth and development; curriculum and methods; a variety of middle school subject areas; and more.
  • Enjoy the flexible advantages of earning a degree 100% online, allowing you to work and maintain your personal and professional aspirations.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to gain practical experience that can be immediately applied in the classroom.

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