Better prepare yourself for a variety of leadership positions in nursing. This may include Clinical Nurse Leader, clinician, team leader, patient care coordinator, outcome manager, educator, client advocate, and system analyst and risk anticipator roles.

The curriculum prepares graduates to be eligible for national certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader through the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC).

  • 25 credits
  • 500 clinical practicum hours

Required Courses

NURS 517 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 cr)
NURS 518 Advanced Pharmacology (3 cr)
NURS 522 Advanced Health Assessment - one day lab residency (3 cr)
NURS 510 Management of Care in the Environment (3 cr)
NURS 613 Leadership for Advanced Nursing - 40 clinical hours (3 cr)
NURS 615 Management of Clinical Outcomes (3 cr)
NURS 631 Clinical Nurse Leader Practicum I - 160 clinical hours (1 cr)
NURS 632 Clinical Nurse Leader Practicum II - 300 clinical hours (3 cr)
NURS 646 Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone - one day residency (3 cr)