Program Overview.

English as a second language (ESL) has become an essential subject in the United States, where English is not the native language for more people than ever before. This master's degree may be of interest to those who want to learn about how to more effectively work with students in their classroom whose first language is not English.

About MAT: English as a Second Language at Morningside

  • More and more learners in today's K–12 classrooms speak a language other than English in their homes, and that's why it's necessary for teachers to know and be able to implement strategies to support English Language Learners.

  • Expand your opportunities for helping ELL students learn more effectively while enhancing your skills in areas such as methods, assessment, linguistics, culture and class practice, and more.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to gain practical experience that can be immediately applied in the classroom.

  • Enjoy the flexible advantages of earning a degree 100% online, allowing you to work and maintain your personal and professional aspirations.