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Adding an endorsement to an Iowa teaching license is a great way to further your professional career as an educator. Endorsements can also be completed alongside a Master of Arts in Teaching, depending on course requirements. 

Endorsement Programs

We offer 13 Iowa-approved endorsements to our educators.

There is no time limit for completing an endorsement unless the endorsement is part of a master’s degree program. 

A minimum grade of a C- can be used toward and endorsement; however, it cannot be used toward the degree. 

In most cases, the final course for an endorsement is an Internship or other type of capstone experience that is completed when all other endorsement requirements have been met. Individuals who complete the requirements for an Iowa-approved endorsement must then apply to have that endorsement added to their teaching license. 

Graduate Internships, Field Experiences, Practicums: In addition to being fully admitted to the Graduate Program, students must submit the appropriate online placement request form to complete an Internship, Field Experience, or Practicum in a school. Prerequisites courses vary by endorsement area. Completed request forms are submitted online to the Graduate Program in Education for review and approval the semester prior to the placement request.

For more information about how to get started Apply to the Graduate Program in Education

For more information about the clinicals go to the Graduate Education Clinicals Page

The placement request forms will be available according to the following schedule:

  • June 15-August 1 for Fall term placement requests
  • October 15-December 1 for Spring term placement requests
  • March 15-May 1 for Summer term placement requests Summer placements are available only for special education internships and are on a limited basis

Students must complete the application to the graduate program and mark in the notes that they need to take extra classes to get a full Iowa teaching license. The prospective student must also submit the Regional Exchange license form if they are new to teaching in Iowa or just received a regional exchange license from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners and now need to take extra classes to get their full Iowa license. Student login is required. 

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Regional Exchange License Form 

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