Career Communities

Alex Watters advising a student

What are Career Communities?

We are sure you're tired of people asking, “What are you going to major in?”  At Morningside, we focus on your end game, helping you discover a sense of passion and purpose in your work.  We want our students to think more broadly about their career goals by focusing less on one career and being exposed to a multitude of options called a career community.  You still get to study what you love and hone your skills, but you will also get to network and connect with others in your career community, as well as industry leaders.  

What are the benefits?

We believe students who take small, intentional steps toward their career goals will not only be more successful but also more competitive when searching for that first job or internship.  To that end, we expose our first-year students to career fields and industries almost immediately when they get to campus. 

Which industries are covered?

  • Arts, Media, and Communication
  • Education, Counseling, and Youth Development
  • Healthcare
  • Law, Government, and Social Service
  • Ag, Natural Science, and Sustainability
  • Business and Accounting
  • Data and Technology
  • Build your own!
    • We are happy to provide you with individual advising and assistance in figuring out what you are interested in!