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Your Undergraduate Path Typically, students at Morningside University who identify as Pre-Dentistry major in Biology and/or Chemistry and then add appropriate prerequisites. Specific requirements vary from school to school, but below are some common minimum course requirements. Be sure to consult with your Academic Adviser, Faculty Adviser, or an adviser… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Major in Spanish- B.A. SPAN 103: Language and Culture I SPAN 104: Language and Culture II  SPAN 203: Intercultural Competence through Language I SPAN 204: Intercultural competence through Language II   SPAN 307: Communication for Leadership in the Professions SPAN 412: Latin America in… Read More

Public Health

Morningside and Rize Education have partnered to offer degree programs in high-demand fields. The majority of classes are completed on-campus and in-person at Morningside, with Rize offering others online via their state-of-the-art technology platform. PROGRAM FEATURES Subject Experts Morningside Faculty: You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact… Read More

Religious Studies

FEATURED COURSES Introduction to Religion REQUIRED An introduction to religious variety and to the academic study of religion. Christian Ethics ELECTIVE Survey of ethical approaches, including a variety of Christian perspectives, and discussions of specific contemporary issues. Religion and Food ELECTIVE This course will… Read More


3+1 PROGRAM Interested in one of our dual programs? Check it out as a Biology major or ANY major by adding the appropriate prerequisites from your school of interest. Students need to earn at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA. Additionally, students should consider other involvements to help them to be… Read More

Political Science

FEATURED COURSES UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT REQUIRED This course is an introduction to the politics and institutions of the federal government, including its relationship to state and local government. Issues addressed include: the constitution; branches of government; federalism; mediating institutions (e.g., media, social movements, political parties, elections, interest groups);… Read More

Nonprofit Management

FEATURED COURSES Public Relations REQUIRED Principles and practice of public relations in commercial and non-commercial fields; publicity and promotion campaigns emphasized Lifespan Development REQUIRED This course provides an overview of the various physical, cognitive, social, and psychological forces which shape human development from conception through death. Read More

Medical Laboratory Science

FEATURED COURSES Human Anatomy REQUIRED The study of the structures of the human body from the cellular level to organ systems, with primary emphasis on names and positions of body structures. Immunology REQUIRED An introduction to the essential terminology and broad concepts of immunology. Antibody production, complement, cytokines and immune… Read More


PLAN OF STUDY Calculus & Analytic Geometry I REQUIRED An introduction to differential and integral calculus. Topics include functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals-with applications throughout the course. Transition to Abstract Mathematics REQUIRED This course provides a transition to upper-level mathematics courses. Topics include elements from discrete math, number theory,… Read More

Legal Studies

FEATURED COURSES Introduction to United States Law REQUIRED This course is an introduction to the United States legal system and processes. Topics discussed in the course include: the relationship among the legal system, government institutions and society; basic legal procedures and concepts; an introduction to selective substantive areas of… Read More

International Affairs

FEATURED COURSES US and the World, since 1945 REQUIRED An introductory lecture/discussion course that studies the roles of the US in the world and traces the political, intellectual, economic, social, and cultural development of various regions of the world since 1945. United States Government REQUIRED An introduction to the politics… Read More


FEATURED COURSES United States History to 1877 REQUIRED This is a thematic lecture/discussion course that explores various aspects of the development of the history of the United States from colonial settlement to the end of Reconstruction. Issues addressed will include: slavery and race; religious experiences; constitutionalism and republicanism;… Read More

Gender Studies

FEATURED COURSES Gender Theory and Methods in Global Perspective REQUIRED This course introduces students to the study of women and gender studies as a field. Students will critically evaluate major gender theories, methods of inquiry, foundation and definition of global women’s and men’s movements, and the intersection of gender to… Read More