Laptop Program

You get a laptop, and we'll fix it if it breaks

Morningside provides every full-time undergraduate student with a laptop computer and software needed to complete coursework. Students may choose between a Windows-based PC or an Apple MacBook Pro. With our two-year technology refresh cycle, freshmen receive a new computer and then turn it in at the beginning of their junior year to receive another new laptop. Upon graduation, students own the two-year-old computer. Print stations are located in the residence halls and the learning center, and a campus-wide wireless network offers convenient learning opportunities.

There is no need to worry when computer problems strike. Morningside has a full-service, computer-repair department in the Olsen Student Center that is staffed by both students and full-time college employees. If extensive repairs are needed, loaner computers are available. Routine repairs include replacing keyboards, screens and hard drives and treating viruses. But there have been more interesting dilemmas as well. When a student was in a car accident that sent a bicycle bolt through his computer, he expected that he would have to pay for a replacement. To his surprise, the Tech Services Center was not only able to get him a new Dell computer free of charge, but also salvaged his hard drive so he didn’t lose any information.

Morningside’s full-service center is as skilled as any computer service center you will find in Sioux City, maybe even better, said Aaron Orndorff, the tech center’s supervisor. The students on his staff are skilled in computer repairs and also can help with smart phones and game consoles. Staff members are very customer-service oriented, even willing to assist with non-technology related calls. The Tech Services Center is a vital resource for students, especially during finals week, when problems inevitably arise. Orndorff said, “Nine out of 10 times, we’ll be miracle workers.”

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