Student Writer: Tyler Haberman

Apr 20, 2020
Students in one of Dr. Leslie Werden's classes were given an assignment to write with the parameters of a sonnet, or other structured poem, about love, carpe diem, politics, religion, society, cultural experiences, and so on. Several of the students elected to write reflections on their personal experiences and feelings during COVID-19. We are sharing a few, including this piece by Psychology Major Tyler Haberman, who chose to reflect on how profoundly he feels the loss of arts, culture, and entertainment. 

"Unknown Unseen Contagions" - by Tyler Haberman, Psychology Major

Unknown unseen contagions shut down the planet

Paranoid, fear, recluse; brazen, foolish, plucky

The records will record mankind’s bid to man it

With ways to behave, some daunted, some lucky

But our arts, consumèd drama of sundry form

Put on ice to protect the people’s greater good

Theatrical shots and Herculean performs

Out of work: athletes, Broadway, artists, Hollywood

Our traditional distractors told to stay home

What outlet do we have to put our curiosity?

Splendid ventures dismantled to the barèd bone

Steady events stop, finished for ferocity

You may hold this as the smallest of our worries

This is my poem, my plight, provides my furies