Student Blogger Mari Pizzini: Is 24 hours ACTUALLY enough time in one day?

Nov 01, 2019 • Athletics, Mass Communication, Humanities, Psychology, Student Writers
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They say that Morningside College students are busy. What they don’t tell you is that by busy, they mean BUSY-busy. The only people I see consistently are the people in my classes, and my roommates.

Though sometimes it’s exhausting, the busyness is so SO good. In the words of my mother, “College is the time where you get to decide who you are and what you want to be.” In the words of Morningside College, “Experience Matters.”

Before coming to Morningside, the idea of experience mattering didn’t really...mean anything. I mean, of course experience matters. You won’t get hired without it. But there are an infinite amount of experiences that I never knew EXISTED before I networked and became involved on campus.

Each activity that you choose to experience, has its own culture as well. Being president of Sigma Tau Delta is very different than being a member of Phi Alpha Theta, which is also different from being a DJ on the radio. I am constantly working with different people, creating new opportunities, and designing interesting (or necessary) activities. Running a soup sale is intensely different than consulting on an undergraduate paper!

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Roaming from the English program, to History, Mass Communication, and sometimes (this is a big shocker, I know. I'm stepping out of the humanities for this one...) the psychology department, I meet a lot of different people. Honestly, my first two roommates were psychology majors and it was nice to have them around. Experiencing different groups also means experiencing different people. For me, this has really broadened my outlook and how I perceive other people. 

What Morningside has taught me (beyond the expected lessons on how to properly format a paper or work well in a group setting) is that my time MATTERS, and that my time makes a difference in my future. 

Sometimes I sit in my apartment (Lags is a great place to live, by the way) and wonder if being so busy is worth it. I consistently work ten to fourteen hour days – not including homework – that make me question if twenty-four hours really is enough. But I never question Morningside, or the things I’m accomplishing and people I’ve met.

When you come to Morningside, be prepared to be busy. Be prepared for people to ask you to do things you may not think you can do. Be prepared to be pushed. But, and I cannot stress this enough, be prepared to be ready to conquer anything when you leave.