Stang Story: Rodrigo Iraheta

Dec 07, 2022 • Admissions, Meet a Mustang
“I came to Iowa from El Salvador because I had family here and it was my dream to study and play tennis in the United States. I started at a two-year college because it seemed like the most affordable option for me, but I felt really alone. I got into contact with the tennis coach at Morningside and he invited me for a visit. After seeing me play, we discussed how I might become part of the team and I started at Morningside this fall.
My experience here has been so much different than the experience I had last year. I was completely shy and nervous coming into Morningside because it had been so hard for me to make friends at my previous college, but I connected right away with people who have become like a family.
I am double majoring in business and computer science, and I love all of my classes and the good discussions that happen in them. My professors have been great, especially my advisor Dr. Randy Campbell, and they help connect me with anything I need. I also like that there are so many international students here from so many different countries. I feel at home here and I love it.
Some of my favorite experiences so far have come from being part of the tennis team. We do a lot of team bonding activities and traveling together gives us time to really get to know one another. Any nerves I had when I first started at Morningside melted away almost immediately because I realized I was surrounded by great people who would be there for me.
One thing I have learned coming to the United States and finding my way to Morningside is to never give up. There have been times where I could have given up, but I know it is important to keep moving forward. I am considering continuing my education after Morningside. I would also love the opportunity to work here in the United States, possibly for a company like Tesla, and I know Morningside can help me work toward whatever I choose to do next.”
- Rodrigo Iraheta, sophomore Morningside tennis player with Silicon Valley (or Miami) tech ambitions