Stang Story: Chloe Lofstrom

“I found my way to Morningside through the game I love, basketball. I really didn’t think Morningside was a place I wanted to be after I made my first visit in the summer, but thankfully the coaches got me to come back for another visit when students were on campus and I had the opportunity to scrimmage with the team. I instantly fell in love. It was the people for me. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – was so friendly. I knew this was it.
I am from Armstrong, Iowa, where I grew up with my precious little family of four, so being in a place where there is a family atmosphere is something I am really thankful for about Morningside. From the sweet women who work at the Spoonholder where I get my coffee to Coach Jill Bodammer to Dr. Glackin in the education department, there are people at every turn who legitimately care about me and are helping me grow.
One way that Morningside has helped me grow is in terms of time management and prioritizing. In addition to being a student athlete and a sports information intern on campus, I am working on my bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education with reading and coaching endorsements. I eventually want to earn my master’s degree and then get a teaching job wherever the wind and God take me, with the ultimate goal of making an impact in the lives of little kids. Morningside has definitely helped me learn to manage everything I have going on and figure out what is important.
The time at Morningside has gone so fast. One experience that really sticks out was traveling to Puerto Rico with the basketball team. The memories we made there will absolutely last a lifetime, and it would be my hope that anyone that finds their way to Morningside would make every moment count because it is so worth it. Shoot that shot. Meet new people. Try new things. Make those memories.”
- Chloe Lofstrom, junior, here for her love of the game and to help build brighter futures through education