Stang Story: Agnes Garder

Mar 23, 2023 • Meet a Mustang

“I'm a part of the newly revived student group, the International Student Association. We come here to learn about the American culture and experience that, but also, we do bring, like a new set of eyes, a new perspective, that a lot of Americans don't have. I met a lot of people who haven't traveled outside of the US their entire lives and us being here has helped them get interested in traveling outside the US, or that they're learning about other cultures. There are a lot of people that have a lot of different experiences than I do.

I finished high school in two years, rather than the three years that is common in Norway. My class was a total of nine people, including me, which is not that common, but I really enjoyed that. Therefore, I didn't want to go to a school that had a huge professor-to-student ratio. I wanted to keep that personal interaction that I had with the professors and that's one of my biggest positive takeaways from Morningside, is that I'm able to have such a close relationship with the professors.

I came here in 2020 from Norway and I came here to play volleyball. After my sophomore year, I transitioned into a coaching role for the volleyball team, so that’s what I’m doing currently. WIth so many people being a part of athletics, we support each other, and the professors are so used to people being in athletics so they are very flexible and helpful in that way.

A common thing that a lot of people say about Morningside is it’s like a second home. It’s somewhere where whenever you walk through campus, you’ll probably say hi to 20 people before you get to the building that you are going to. You feel really supported and it is like a home away from home.”

  • Agnes Garder, a junior international student desiring to get into law