Student Blogger Mari Pizzini: Mside really is the Best Side

Nov 22, 2019 • Athletics, Bowling, Student Writers
women's bowling team with plaque

Wowie wow wow, what a weekend for the Morningside Mustangs! Let me just brag on us for a minute:

  1. The football team came back from being down to win against Northwestern 37-27
  2. The women’s basketball team had a HUGE upset over Dordt with their win of 81-78
  3. The men’s basketball team also won against Dordt with a score of 96-88

So you know, that’s pretty cool. But guess what...THERE’S MORE! I kid you not, the Mustangs continued to play their hearts out.

  1. The Esports team beat the favored team in their League of Legends tournament, and then proceed to win. the. entire. thing. Did I mention this was their first win...ever?

Lastly, and I hate to show favoritism but I’m going to, my favorite win of the weekend:

  1. The women’s bowling team brought home their first win in over two years!!!

Yeah, you heard that right. This girl is a champion, along with basically every other team Morningside has. 


That being said, it’s important to note that though these students may be BEASTS on the field...or court...or screen...or lane...they’re also incredible people, too.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Italy in May with quite a few of the women on the basketball team. Now, as a bowler, I am not the most literate in the game of basketball, BUT that didn’t stop Jordyn or Sydney or Sierra from getting to know me. Or me from getting to know them, for that matter.

As students at Morningside, we are family. No matter our sports, backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, majors, favorite foods or colors, or the building we live in.

Families celebrate each member’s wins. Accomplishments are taken in with pride by everyone in the family, and that is no different at Morningside. Choosing to come here is basically choosing to have 1600 people cheering you on everyday.

When we say Mside is the best side, it’s not just a saying; it’s the truth. We will support you as brothers and sisters, through your wins and your losses, through every chemistry exam or business paper. And though every weekend may not be like this past weekend, we always win and lose as a team.