Tyson Summer Intern: Ashley Duncan

Meet A Mustang

Jul 12, 2021 • Meet a Mustang

Ashley Duncan is a senior at Morningside from Carnarvon, Iowa. Ashley is majoring in mass communication and is involved with AOII and Morningside Activities Council (MAC). Ashley is a Tyson summer intern with the nonprofit Mary J Treglia Community House. During her internship, Ashely is learning how to operate radio equipment that was brought in from KWIT so she can assist with posting news in different languages on the KWIT website. She’s also assisting with creating a production room for the radio so the staff at Mary J Treglia Community House can start creating podcasts.

“The most rewarding part is how much fun we have together. No matter the work we do, we always find ways to interact with each other and make each other laugh,” says Ashley.

Ashley sees the work that she is doing is not only benefiting herself as a Morningside student, but helping the community at large. The Mary J Treglia Community House is a place that people can come learn English and take a citizenship class. They are trying to make it easier for immigrants to live. Through this experience, Ashley “is opening the range of career opportunities consider.” She says she hopes to explore additional classes Morningside has to offer, and she also credits the experience with encouraging her to be more social.

 Ashley chose Morningside because of the mass communication program was unique and “wasn’t just all about digital posting.” Another big reason that sold Ashley was the small campus welcoming environment it offers. What made her realize that Morningside was the right choice was the number of friends she has made, and the staff that is willing to help her accomplish her goals. “Everybody seems so friendly and I can go ask almost anybody a question if needed,” says Ashley.

 Outside of academics Ashley likes to explore her artistic side with painting or writing. She has a lot of favorite books, but “Looking for Alaska” by John Green is the one of note. Her favorite thing about Sioux City is “No matter how long you live here, you will always find a new place to explore.”