Experiencing Morningside: Katsunori Baba

Meet A Mustang

Apr 17, 2019 • Admissions, Music, Theatre, Meet a Mustang

Meet Katsunori Baba. Around Morningside, he’s better known as Katsu.

Katsu is a senior theatre and music double major at Morningside who hails from Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Japan. He enjoys martial arts, movies, and learning new things. His favorite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which he says helped him bring more focus and adventure to his life. Katsu found himself at Morningside College after being connected through the Sakae Institute of Study Abroad.

Getting the most out of the Morningside experience

During his time here, Katsu has been involved with a number of theatre productions as part of his major, allowing him to capture important experiences that will be useful to him as a professional. He also appreciated the voice lessons he has been able to complete with instructors through his music major.

The experience he cites as the best he has had at Morningside was the unique opportunity to organize and lead the Morningside May Term trip to Japan in May 2018. He worked alongside Morningside Board of Directors member Ms. Mia Sudo to organize the trip for more than 30 Morningside students, faculty, staff, and friends.

Returning to Asia and advice for those considering a similar journey

Katsu has really enjoyed the diversity of culture and people in the United States and hopes to come back at some point. In the immediate future, he intends to return to Asia for the first few years of his career. 

When asked to give advice to an international student considering studying abroad in the United State, Katsu said, “Just get the process done and come study in the States. If you have a positive attitude, opportunities are everywhere here.”

Katsu wanted to do something to help other international students considering Morningside College as a place to study. He created this video that he has shared with the Sakae Institute to help give other students an idea of what life at Morningside is like.