Alumni Showcase: Tim Cohoon '19

Oct 16, 2020 • Alumni Showcase


Tim Cohoon, a former graduate of Morningside College with a double major in Advertising and Business Administration, currently owns a successful business entitled “BreakThru 360 Marketing” that helps brands “break through the everyday noise [by] helping them tell their story through their own voice.” 

When asked what brought him to Morningside, Tim says the “family atmosphere that surrounds the school” is what brought him to campus. Additionally, he became involved in campus by being a part of the Mustang Men’s swim team, Phi Eta Sigma, and Business Honors & Student Alumni. Tim’s connections with professors, such as Marilyn Eastman and Pam Mickelson, aided in leading him to a career in marketing along with a marketing internship with Erin Edlund as his supervisor.

When giving advice to Morningside students, Tim expresses to “always follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes and ask questions along the way. Take time to explore different career paths and reach out to your professors or mentors to help guide you through your college journey.”

Tim’s future plan is to grow BreakThru 360 Marketing while continuing to help brands become successful by telling their own story. In starting a business and pursuing an entrepreneurial path, he advises to lean on those people who support you. Tim says, “Sometimes it may be scary to start off on your own, but you’ll always be happier doing the things you love. To be successful, you have to believe you yourself can be successful.”