Alumni Showcase: Mallory Sea '16

Nov 19, 2020 • Alumni Showcase

MallorySeaOriginally earning a degree in both Biology and Chemistry from Morningside in 2016, Mallory Sea is now working on a PhD in Marine Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. During her time at Morningside and after, Mallory has had the opportunity to travel and experience different places in the world with various internships or scuba diving instruction in locations such as: Japan, Panama, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, and New Zealand. In all her world travels, Mallory expresses that “there is so much we can learn from other people’s cultures and perspectives. I’ve learned a lot about myself as well!”

While attending Morningside, Mallory fondly remembers being a part of the women’s soccer team that helped push her physically and mentally while also creating friendships. Although Mallory was not an English major, she worked for the Writing Center and loved the great work environment in addition to presenting at national conferences and assisting with workshops. Mallory remembers when she would meet with President Reynders for monthly chats and would leave with a smile on her face. She says, “The fact that the president of a college is willing to make time to connect with individual students speaks volumes to the quality of faculty and staff at Morningside. I always felt like those around me were invested in my success.”

Mallory says there are many challenges while working towards a PhD, and that “burnout is relatively common. Completing a PhD is a pretty hefty task, so it’s helpful to break the work into more manageable pieces, take breaks when needed, and be kind to yourself.” But Mallory works through the challenges and finds inspiration in “whatever I am passionate about at that time.” She also advises to make opportunities for yourself because “the resources are there to help you achieve something incredible.”