Alumni Showcase: Daren Koehler '12

Nov 05, 2020 • Alumni Showcase

Koehler 2After Daren Koehler graduated in 2012 from Morningside with majors in General Psychology and English Literature, he continued to gain a master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver in 2014. Daren’s current job as a contractor works to provide mental skills and resilience training to the United States Army overseas in Germany. He says, “On a daily basis I am interacting with and providing tailored training to Soldiers and their family members to help them better their personal and professional endeavors.”

Although Daren admits that there are challenges with a constantly changing environment where people can lose their sense of control, he also adds that challenges can be exciting and “keeps us on our toes to be able to be creative in how we solve problems.” In living abroad, Daren has learned to not be afraid to step out of his comfort zone by embracing and finding what he holds important in life. When asked why Daren chose this job, he expresses that, “I love helping people, and so when I found out about my current program and the ability to help the United States military, I couldn’t turn it down. My purpose is to help people understand that it is not the circumstances within our lives that dictate how we live, but instead our choices to these circumstances that dictate how we handle them.”

Lastly Daren advises to “be the example you want others to live by in everything that you do. The world can be a hard place to navigate through, but we can all be an active part to the solution by living as our best selves, and continually serving each other. The first way we can do that is by practicing self-care and taking the time to rejuvenate ourselves before we can truly take care of others.”