Alumni Showcase: Ashley Lewis '07

Jan 04, 2021 • Alumni, Alumni Showcase

Saving the next generation is one small part of Ashley Lewis’s job at Concord Coalition. Concord Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness about the dangerous state of the federal budget and how it could lead to an economic crisis that would bankrupt the next generation. Ashley first became involved with this organization her freshman year at Morningside College.

Although Ashley ’07 was a triple major in political science, mass communication, and business administration, she found time to assist in the creation of and be a member of the Morningside Civic Union. Some of her fondest memories were attending political candidate’s visits to campus, interning at KTIV, a summer internship in Washington, D.C., and hosting her own radio show on KMSC. In choosing Morningside, Ashley describes that she was looking for a family-feel at a college and that after an interview for a scholarship with Dr. Ross Fuglsang, “I remember telling my mom that he remembered me – and that I belonged at Morningside. I just felt like I was home.”

When asked about her long-term goals, Ashley explains that her goals “are to continue to reach out and find opportunities to educate the public about the current state of our budget – and how it affects everyone in the long term.” Ashley expresses that her career path changed many times over the course of attending Morningside from a wanting to a reporter, then a politician, and eventually she ended up working as a retail/HR manager for 14 years, which prompted her to return to school and receive her master’s degree in 2018 in human resources from the University of South Dakota. She says, “But I never gave up on my dream to work in media and politics. Never give up on your dreams-if you want it, work for it, and it will come. It may not come tomorrow, next month, or even next year-but when the timing is right, your opportunity will present itself.”