Meet Amy

Sioux City, IA

Corporate Receptionist/Facilities Assistant at Great West Casualty Company

“There was a Morningside College Organizational Management Program flyer posted on the bulletin board at work that had caught my attention one day. Finishing my undergraduate has been on my list since I graduated from Northeast in 2013, and in recent years with life happening, it had been put on the back burner. After some consideration, I decided to reach out and learn more about the program.

The most enjoying and beneficial part of this program for me has been the people I have been taking the classes with. There is a wide range of age groups, backgrounds, and reasons why we are all going back to ‘finish what we started.’ The variety of classes in this program is both beneficial and practical. From my perspective of being a full-time employee, I am able to apply the fundamentals from my classes and see them in action firsthand in the workplace, whereas most traditional students may not have a chance to see it until they are in the working world.

My biggest recommendation of this program is the flexibility and convenience. The classes are all online so you can be virtually anywhere and work on your time. Having the classes set up in 8 week increments puts you on the “fast track” to your degree.”