Undergraduate Degree Completion: Organizational Management

Finish what you started with our online accelerated undergraduate degree completion program

Complete your undergraduate degree totally online through Morningside College's Organizational Management program. This is a bachelor's degree completion option designed for working adults who have some college credits and want to complete their undergraduate degree to advance in their careers or for personal satisfaction.

Build the skills you need to lead teams and secure management positions in business, education, government, and nonprofit industries.

Convenient and affordable

Every course is offered completely online in a convenient 8-week format. Tuition costs are very competitive and affordable. Our financial aid department is knowledgeable about loans, grants, employer tuition reimbursement and other payment options to help students meet their goals.  


  • Two or more years of substantial professional work and/or volunteer experience
  • Completed approximately 50 college credit hours

Requirements for major in Organizational Management

The course requirements listed below and 124 total credit hours. This major will lead to a BS degree. 

A. Complete all of the following:
Course Credits
BUSN 231N Principles of Management 4
BUSN 320N Finance Basics for Managers         4
BUSN 319N Organizational Behavior  4
MORN 440N The Leadership Experience 4
PHIL 321N Applied and Professional Ethics 4
BUSN 423N Capstone* 4
Total Required Credits  24

*Senior Capstone Experience

B. Complete 3 of the following:
Course Credits
RHET 215 Writing in a Professional Environment or ENGL/RHET 211 Writing to Persuade 4
PSYC 326N Group Communication or RHET 311 Advanced Public Speaking or COMM 330 Public Relations 4
COMM 213N Visual Literacy or ART 332N Data Visualization 4
Total Required Credits 12
C. Complete 2 of the following:
Course Credits
CULT 330N Cultural Interactions within Organizations or RELG 250 World Religions 4
RELG /POLS 360  Religion, Politics & Society in US or POLS 420N Politics and Power in Communities 4
Total Required Credits 8

D. Complete 1 of the following:
Course Credits
PSYC 336N Applied Organizational Research or SOCI 332 Sociology of Organizations or BUSN 341 Principles of Marketing 4
Total Required Credits 4

E. Writing proficiency 

Completion of the Capstone course will fulfill the writing proficiency requirement.

Total Credits Required for the Major = 48