SARA & State Status 

As a SARA institution, Morningside College is able to accept student who reside in SARA states (all blue states on map) in all online programs and in all online courses.  Please refer to State Actions Regarding SARA for the most current updates on state application and approval.

Online Courses & Programs

Morningside College offers the following programs online: Graduate Program in Education, Graduate Program in Nursing, Undergraduate Organizational Managment, and the Teacher Intern Program is offered in a combined format, primarily online with a few face to face meetings.  All online courses and programs offered by Morningside College are available to students in all SARA states.  If the program you are interested in includes internships, field experiences, student teaching, and/or practicum placements, please email for clarification on Morningside's authorization status if you plan to complete any of these activities in Florida, Massachusetts, or California.