Complaint Process

SARA & the Student Complaint Process

Morningside College will intervene, when a complaint is brought to our attention, to seek resolution on the students behalf.  Most complaints can be resolved utilizing the process describe below:

Grievance Policy and Appeals Process

Morningside College graduate students who wish to file a grievance/appeal should first attempt to resolve the issue at its source with the members involved. However, should a resolution be impossible, the student may pursue the following steps if he/she wishes to file a petition. The written petition should be submitted to the Dean/Department Chair of their program. The student with the grievance/appeal must fill out the Graduate Petition form for Grievance/Appeal stating the following information: 

  • Name and subject or reason the grievance is being sought 
  • What action request and/or solution being sought 
  • Justification which includes date or dates of incidents(s); name(s) and contact information (if applicable) of any witness  
  • List of items submitted for evidence

The petition form must be filed with the Dean/Department Chair of their program within 10 business days of the alleged incident and/or grievance.  The Dean/Department Chair will submit the petition to the Graduate Committee for Academic Grievances/Appeals or to the Vice President of Graduate Studies for non-academic grievances within 5 business days.  The College will determine on a case-by-case basis whether petitions filed after this deadline will be considered.  All parties involved with the petition will be notified of the grievance/appeal, may know the source of the grievance/appeal, and will be allowed to provide pertinent information in addressing the grievance/appeal.  A written determination as to the validity of the grievance/appeal and a description of resolution, if any will be issued with a copy forwarded to the student with the grievance/appeal.  At this point the student has exhausted the Morningside College Graduate Grievance/Appeal process.

Unresolved Institutional Complaints

If an issue cannot be resolved internally and you are residing in a SARA state, pursuant to the SARA Complaint Process, please contact the Iowa College Student Aid Commission,  Iowa's SARA designated state agency.