This strand of ten 3-credit courses is designed to extend a practicing music educator’s teaching abilities. It provides the opportunity to develop both professionally and creatively by offering advanced knowledge and practical teaching techniques.

Required Courses

Take up to 18 graduate credits from the following courses:

  • MUED 503 Developing the Independent Musician - 3 credits
  • MUED 511 Advanced Conducting Techniques - 3 credits
  • MUED 515 Instructional Design and Assessment in Music Education - 3 credits
  • MUED 521 The Creative Child - 3 credits
  • MUED 533 Topics in Elementary General Music - 3 credits
  • MUED 534 Topics in Choral Music - 3 credits
  • MUED 535 Topics in Instrumental Music - 3 credits
  • MUED 604 Practical Application of Conducting Techniques - 3 credits
  • MUED 609 Performance Literature for the 21st Century Ensemble -3 credits
  • MUED 613 Advanced Orchestration and Arranging - 3 credits

Total credit hours in strand = 18

See full course descriptions.

An educational strand is a series of clearly defined courses focused on a specific academic topic. These sequenced strands provide students an opportunity to expand their knowledge with courses not traditionally available within our Program’s general offerings. While the classes within each strand can be used within the master’s degree as electives, these courses do not lead to any Iowa endorsement.