Teachers who are interested in working with students who have communication difficulties and behavior challenges or students who have been diagnosed with an autism-spectrum disorder may be interested in taking one or more classes from the new Autism Strand.

Required Courses

  • SPED 632 Introduction to Theory and Practice: Autism - 3 credits
  • SPED 634 (Previously 595) Special Topics: Teaching Students with Autism in Inclusive Settings - 3 credits
  • SPED 636 (Previously 595) Special Topics: Teaching Students with Autism: Intensive Programs - 3 credits 
  • SPED 638 (Previously 595) Special Topics: Teaching Students with Autism: Assessment - 3 credits

Total credit hours in strand = 12

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An educational strand is a series of clearly defined courses focused on a specific academic topic. These sequenced strands provide students an opportunity to expand their knowledge with courses not traditionally available within our Program’s general offerings. While the classes within each strand can be used within the master’s degree as electives, these courses do not lead to any Iowa endorsement.