The M.A.T. Professional Educator track can benefit every type of teacher

We designed our M.A.T. Professional Educator graduate degree program to help all educators across the U.S.  You'll gain practical experience you can apply to your teaching practice. Best of all, everything is 100% online. 

Our degree is broken into two parts: the Professional Foundations Core classes, required courses for all degree seekers and the Professional Teaching Core classes, 18 hours selected by the student.  Our master's degree requires a total of 36 graduate credits completed within a seven year time frame.   


Professional Foundation Core

18 graduate credits

Gain a broad knowledge base through educational theory study, research, and practice. These courses address the Five Core Propositions of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, the Iowa Teaching Standards, and the Graduate Program in Education's Student Learning Outcomes.  

Required Courses:

  • EDUC 502 Learning in Educational Settings 
  • EDUC 512 Issues in Education 
  • EDUC 522 Instructional Technology 
  • EDUC 611 Student Diversity and Educational Practice 
  • EDUC 697 Educational Research 
  • EDUC 698 Data Collection and Analysis 
  • EDUC 699 Interpreting and Reporting Educational Research 

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Professional Teaching Core

18 graduate credits selected by the student from the following options:


Total graduate credit hours required for degree: 36




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