Iowa Endorsement

5-8 Middle School


Required Courses

  • EDUC 460G Growth & Development of the Middle School Level Student & Practicum - 3 credits
  • EDUC 461G Middle School Curriculum and Methods & Practicum - 3 credits
  • EDUC 765 Literacy for Grades 5-8 & Practicum - 3 credits

Plus, course work required in TWO of the four content areas will be determined through transcript analysis:

  • 12 hours in English/Language arts - must include hours in composition, language usage, speech, adolescent literature, and literature across cultures
  • 12 hours in Mathematics - must include hours in algebra
  • 12 hours in Science - must include hours in life science, earth science, and physical science
  • 12 hours in Social Studies - must include American government, American history, world history, and geography 

Total required for the endorsement: 33 credits

See full course descriptions.

Iowa Endorsement Requirements

Persons seeking an Iowa endorsement may, in most cases, satisfy the requirements with a combination of undergraduate and graduate hours. A transcript analysis done by the Recommending Official will indicate which courses the student needs to complete Morningside’s Iowa approved endorsement program.

Please note that Morningside College cannot confirm whether the endorsements meet requirements for licensure in states outside of Iowa. Students should check with the licensing board in their state.