Marianna Pizzini

Marianna Pizzini

Year: Fr.

Hometown: Helena, MT

Major(s): English & Mass Communication

Previous School: Helena High School

Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing

Favorite Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

Favorite Book: Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Favorite Music Artist: Post Malone

Favorite Food: Chili

Two Dinner Guests: Abraham Lincoln & Jeanette Rankin

If You Could Be Anyone In History: Susan B. Anthony

Why Morningside: I wanted a school that was small and felt like a family, and I wanted to be part of the beginning of the growing bowling program as well.

Most Memorable Morningside Athletic Competition: The 2017 Stout State Open in Wisconsin because it was the very first tournament the women's team ever won. Being at the No. 4 spot in the championship match was the best feeling of my life.

Dream Job: Editor

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