Elin Landgren

Elin Landgren

Number: 6

Year: So.

Position: Catcher

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Major(s): Business Administration

Previous School: Carlisle High School

Favorite Movie: Rent

Favorite Actors: Leonardo Dicaprio & Ian Somerhalder

Favorite Book: The Fault in our Stars

Favorite Music Artist: Mayday Parade

Favorite Food: Mango

Two Dinner Guests: Abe Lincoln & Ellen Degeneres

If You Could Be Anyone In History: Neil Armstrong

Why Morningside: The class size and the athletics

Most Memorable Morningside Athletic Competition: When Kelsey Tobin hit her first collegiate home run against Nebraska Wesleyan to beat them in the bottom of the 7th

Dream Job: Interior Designer

Champions of Character
Great Plains Athletics Conference

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