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The Morningside esports program is for anyone with a passion for video games and a desire to pursue excellence. The program currently has six esports teams which compete in League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Fortnite. Morningside esports is continually expanding its variety of games in order to provide every student-gamer with an opportunity to compete in tournaments.

Games eligible for play include any PC game that has a group component and other collegiate teams that participate in it. After several weeks of team and individual practice sessions, gamers typically compete in 8-10 weeks of pool play (with a competition about once per week) and then advance to playoffs.

Team captain Derek Delzell says, “Esports allows you to meet people who have similar interests and gives you an opportunity to play at a more competitive level. I enjoy it because it gave me a way to develop leadership skills that will be useful in my career.”

Morningside gamers enjoy competing in a varsity collegiate sport without having to travel far - their newly designed campus Nexus is equipped with custom built computers and comfortable gaming chairs where they compete online with other institutions. While Morningside mainly partakes in the National Association of Collegiate Esports, our esports teams also compete in Collegiate Star League, Riot Collegiate League, TESPA and the American Video Game League.

“It’s a great way to gain confidence and learn teamwork with different personality types,” notes Director Dean Stevens.

Morningside Provost Bill Deeds adds that esports teaches students to think critically and communicate effectively. Enjoy the camaraderie of your team, augment a technology-driven skill set, and earn a scholarship while pursuing your passion! 

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