Tryout Information

Mustang Cheer & Dance Tryout Information

Auditions for the 2018-19 season

Attire: black sports bra or plain black tank top, black spandex shorts.

Dance audition information:

  1. Own dance routine: Perform a dance routine of your choice that you already know. Must be jazz, pom or lyrical style routine. Must be a minimum of one minute and a maximum of 2:15.
  2. Morningside dance: You will learn a short Morningside dance routine at the audition.
  3. Leaps: Right/left split leap, right/left side leap, turning disc (turning toe touch) and calypso (front leg fan, back leg attitude).
  4. Turns: Pirroute (minimum triple), a la secondes (straight-leg fouettes).
  5. Extra skills: Tumbling (aerial, front or back walkover, etc.), hip hop tricks (kip up, head spring, etc.).

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Cheer audition information:

  1. Own cheers: Perform two cheers that you already know.
  2. Morningside cheers: You will learn two Morningside cheers at the audition.
  3. Jumps: Toe touch, right/left front hurdler, pike, double toe touch, another double jump of your choosing.
  4. Tumbling: Advanced tumbling recommended; basic tumbling required (cartwheel, forward roll, round off).
  5. Stunting: You will learn basic stunt to do at the audition. If you have done more advanced stunting it will be noted (you can show videos of stunting as well).

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If distance is an issue and you are unable to come to campus for a one-on-one tryout you are able to send in a video tryout. For more information about a video tryout contact Coach Alisha Steckler at

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