Continuing to grow on campus

The top campaign priority is to fund the construction of an "academic village" that now consists of a new classroom building (Buhler Rohlfs Hall) and an advising center (Krone Advising Center) that connects to the classroom building through a second-story walkway.

A new outdoor plaza visually links the new buildings with the existing Hickman-Furrow-Johnson Learning Center and the Walker Science Center. In addition to the new academic village and outdoor plaza, the college has also remodeled the Learning Center to create a new main entrance to the Hilker Campus Mall and convert the Learning Center's second floor into a study lounge. The Academic Village was completed in October 2014.

Buhler Rohlfs Hall

Morningside had not constructed a new classroom building on campus in nearly 40 years. As we continue to move toward our goal of 1,400 full-time undergraduate students, the need for more classroom space has become even greater.

This new classroom building houses the educaion, applied ag and nursing departments. Education is one of the largest majors on campus, applied ag is a new progrm on campus and nursing has experienced a 42 percent increase in enrollment over the past 10 years. All three departments are in desperate need of modern, up-to-date classrooms and offices.

Krone Advising Center

The new academic advising center is a resrouce for the entire college, but mainly serves first-year students and those undecided on a major.

Advising experts build relationships with students, help them to identify their goals and teach them how to make the most of the advising experience before they transfer to a faculty advisor. The center helps students get a great start at Morningside, making them more likely to complete a degree.

Learning Center Renovation

The HIckman-Johnson-Furrow Learning Center has become a centralized hub for our students to gather, study and socialize. In 2005, the building was redesigned as a Learning Center to include library services, group study areas, a computer lab, Student Academic Support Services and the Spoonholder Café. The building also houses classrooms, the Mass Communication Department, visual art displays and the Education Resource Lab.

The renovation has created a new main entrance to the Hilker Campus Mall that ties together the green space and the new academic building.

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