Transformation II, moving forward on campus


Morningside College is fortunate to have achieved tremendous success during its two most recent fundraising campaigns. "Investing for the Future" (1994-2000) raised $31 million and "This is Our Moment - Transformation I" (2002-2009) raised more than $45 million. Together, these two campaigns have literally transformed the college and the educational experiences of our students.

We must continue this momentum and build upon our success as we strive to become one of the best colleges in the Midwest. To that end, we have launched a multiyear initiative we are calling "Vision 2020: Transformation II" to raise $50 million for facilities improvements, endowment and annual scholarship fund. We have thoughtfully identified priorities for the Vision 2020 campaign, and we are focusing on initiatives that will have a significant impact on enhancing the student experience as Morningside.



Campaign Priorities

Total campaign goal - $50 million

Capital Projects - $18.2 million

Annual Scholarship Fund - $19.0 million

The Annual Scholarship Fund is the foundation of support at Morningside College. It gives donors the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of Morningside College and its students. This program is significant because it helps reduce the cost of a college education for need-based students by providing them with hands-on experience and a quality education. Annually, the college awards more than $14 million in aid to 99.8 percent of our full-time undergraduate students.

Endowment - $12.8 million

Morningside's endowment - the fund that provides the College with investment income - is significant to our continuing financial stability. Endowment gifts enable donors to link their names with the college far into the future. A strong endowment will help Morningside to attract and retain the very best faculty members, improve academic and extracurricular programs and increase student aid offerings. The Vision 2020 Campaign offers opportunities for donors to contribute endowment funds or to endow scholarships, faculty chairs, academic programs, students services or the maintenance of campus buildings. Morningside's endowment is about $40 million, and the college is working to grow that number to $75 million by 2020.

W.S. Lewis Society

The W.S. Lewis Society recognizes individuals and families who have placed Morningside College in their estate plans. They are ensuring the future of Morningside and providing educational opportunities for generations of students. The society is named in honor of Bishop Wilson Seeley Lewis, the second president of Morningside College, who established the college's endowment in 1903. Membership is obtained through written confirmation of deferred gift arrangements.