Challenge Grant

Step up to the challenge

Each year Morningside College relies on new and increased gifts to meet the Annual Scholarship Fund goal of $1,679,000, which provides financial support to more than 99 percent of our student body. Thanks to the Annual Scholarship Fund Challenge Grant, which matches new and increased gifts up to $1 million, Morningside College continues to provide support to need-based students by matching new gifts 2:1 and increased gifts 1:1.

The grant is made possible by a group of 10 alumni and friends.

  1. Ron Yockey '70 (Chair)
  2. Larry Arnold '65
  3. Mike Bennett '75
  4. Lucy Buhler '56
  5. Roger Curry '61
  6. Galen Johnson '68
  7. Esther Mackintosh '69
  8. Skip Perley
  9. Craig Struve '70
  10. Curt White '76
For more information about the Annual Scholarship Fund Challenge Grant, please contact the Institutional Advancement Office at (800) 831-0806 ext. 5450 or (712) 274-5450.

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