Keep in touch

Each year, several students are recruited and trained to call alumni and friends of the college as part of the Advancement Office's Annual Fund program. Our goal is to update addresses and employment data, build relationships and raise money for student scholarships at Morningside College. The telethon is a valuable way for us to keep in touch with our alumni and friends.

When is the telethon held?

Beginning in September through the first week of April, our student callers will call more than 10,000 alumni and friends.

How long do I have to fulfill my pledge?

The Annual Scholarship Fund's fiscal year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31.

Who do I contact if I have more questions or comments?

JJ Marlow '03, Director of Annual Scholarship Fund by email or call (800) 831-0806 ext. 5424 or 712-274-5424.

Who is making the calls?

Meet the 2016-2017 telethon team

  • Jackson Allen
  • Brandi Blunk
  • Rachel Bonnichsen
  • Anna Buxengard
  • Taylor DeVary
  • Melanie Enloe
  • Jacob Freeman
  • Alex George
  • Tiara Hopp
  • Christina Huber
  • Brian Johnston
  • Johnathan Jupiter
  • Delancey Kruse
  • Selena Leon
  • Carlie Maasz
  • Jessica McLinn
  • Katrina Miller
  • Faith Nailor
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Connor Prescott
  • Ceara Richardson
  • Brooke Riordan
  • Sam Smith
  • Madison Tentinger
  • Kendra Vogel
  • Ashton Whited
  • Ashley Williams