International Student Financial Statement

The United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services requires documentation of financial support from each student before issuing the Form I-20. The total estimated expenses for a single student attending Morningside College during the 2018-2019 academic year is US $41,940. This covers tuition, room, board, student fees and estimated book costs.

International Student Financial Statement

Sources of Funding: Indicate below, in U.S. dollars, the financial sources and amount available from each of these sources to cover yearly expenses. Enter the anticipated amount of support towards your educational costs for each subsequent year.

Documentation required for funds from personal/family savings: A letter from your bank, signed by an official, and indicating the amount available for overseas education.

Documentation required for funds from sponsors (non-parents): Signed letter from sponsor indicating amount provided and relationship to student. Accompanied by third-party documentation of funds.

Documentation required for government agency funds: Signed copy of letter of award.

We declare that the information on this form is true, accurate and complete. Morningside College has our permission to verify the information reported by obtaining documentation as needed. It is understood that providing false information may jeopardize a student's visa status and may result in refusing or canceling admission.